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TSI002: Life Style Business to Growth Business

“I was just trying to solve a business problem that I saw before me… I saw that there's hundreds of things that people do manually every day, that if they don't do them, then they just don't get done…. If you can't automate in 10 years, or five to 10 years, you will be left behind. The ability to create your own automations is here today and it's going to be even more extent as this time goes on. You've got to create a culture and hire people that know how to use these tools, that are now becoming available to automate processes, get your data clean, be able to react to business challenges, like regulatory compliance issues, as well as cease opportunities to automate and create new products and new offerings as the market demands” ~ Richard Milam. Edwin D. Epperson and Richard Milam talk about the idea to automate business processes and how he had built up his data processing business to be able to be sold in 5 years after he had a shift in mindset.

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