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Edwin Epperson, President of Vertical Fund Management and managing partner of the Blue Ocean Vertical Fund discusses why diversifying your portfolio into investments through private lending, secured to real estate and making money like the bank, is one of the foundational strategy’s used by the wealthy for millennia. Understanding how to look at investment, secured to real estate, like a bank does, is critical to your success and long term wealth objectives.

“In my humble opinion, private lending is one of the best kept secrets that many families do not even know exists, as far as a passive income generation strategy. Where else can someone control an asset at a discount, collect passive income, shift the risk and have someone else pay for all the expenses to keep that asset secured and performing!?” ~ Edwin D. Epperson III, President and Fund Manager.






A Private Fund offering non-registered securities through Rule 506(c), Reg D of the SEC


“I know how hard is can be to want to invest your hard earned capital and desire a measure of confidence in your investment as well as knowledge that the floor is not going to drop out from underneath you. I personally witnessed my own father’s scenario like so many others, during the 06’ – 10’ great recession. He worked hard, tried to make the best investments and followed the advisors, “advice”. “Invest for the long term”, “The market goes always goes up in the long run” and “When the market goes down, don’t let that scare you, that is the best time to buy more”. The problem was the “advisor” was only keeping my fathers investments into one market, which was the stock market. During those years, when he was only 5 years away from retiring he lost over half of his retirement investment. The problem was he did not have 25 more years to recover what he had lost… he only had 4-3 years. This forced him to continue to work, and he is still doing so today. I believe in true diversification, outside of one market. I believe there are FOUR Primary markets, and a Sophisticated Investor needs to know how and where to invest in all four of those markets. I do believe in diversification, and I believe that Blue Ocean Vertical Fund should be one investment vehicle that you are utilizing within your generational investment strategy. Below you will find our investor guide. Please download our investment guide and learn why investing into the Blue Ocean Vertical Fund, private mortgage fund may be one of the best decisions to truly diversify your investment strategy!”

~ Edwin D. Epperson III, President and Fund Manager

Edwin D. Epperson III, President and Fund Manager

Edwin D. Epperson III, President and Fund Manager


Edwin D. Epperson III, is fully committed and devoted to being transparent, and conducting business with integrity and honor. To ensure his investors have peace of mind not only with who they are investing with, but also the validity of the company as seen by the United States government, Blue Ocean Vertical Fund has a non-registered offering on file with the SEC, operating under Rule 506(c), Regulation D. You may find the link to the SEC’s EDGAR database search where you can find Blue Ocean Vertical Fund’s offering on file.


Investor Guide




Blue Ocean Vertical Fund is shattering the traditional views of investing with a purpose


“Many investors today are tired of having a Bifurcated view of investing. They think that EITHER their investment’s must do well (earn a good return on their money), OR they must do good (give it to charity, non-profits or away, investment in a feeling of satisfaction and joy benefiting or helping someone else). Yet this antiquated view is being challenged now more than ever. Investors, such as yourself, are throwing off the old ways of investing, and they are demanding investments that do well (make a good return on their money) AND do good (positively impacting someone’s life). I give to my church, and I give to many organizations, and charity’s. I also want my investments to do well and do good. By offering a private mortgage fund, which is focused doing well and doing good, our capital investors are experiencing the joy and satisfaction of knowing their investments are positively impacting peoples lives and making a good return”~ Edwin D. Epperson III, President and Fund Manager.


The Blue Ocean Vertical Fund, a private mortgage fund, managed by Vertical Fund Management’s President, Edwin D. Epperson III, was established to make lasting, positive impact and change in the community’s, neighborhood, towns and cities they invest in. Due to Mr. Epperson’s military service and background he actively seeks out investments geared toward positively impacting the veterans of his city, Tampa, FL as well as in other places his fund is investing in. By generating a excellent rate of return on his investors capital by funding real estate investment projects with a social purpose of giving back in big, impactful way, he is ensuring that his investors are able to claim and say that their investments are “Doing Well AND Good”!




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Learn more about the FOUR Primary Investment Markets and how our podcast and educational platform, “The Sophisticated Investor” can help teach you and your family how to “Build, Protect and Preserve your families generational wealth!”