Private lending with family and friends



What are some positive changes that private lending has had in your families generational wealth building, protection and preservation? “Alot of cash flow, and because I have involved my family with it, more financial knowledge for them” ~ Paul B. an investor with Edwin Epperson. Passing along your financial success and hurdles should never be trivialized nor hidden form your family. Building, Protecting and Preserving generational wealth strategies, methods and techniques should be passed on from one generation to the next.


Private lending, and shifting ones mindset from owning property, and borrowing capital to a mindset that looks at investments through the paradigm of a bank, is powerful and foundationaly necessary for wealth creation and preservation. Paul talks about how investing into private loans, secured by Mortgages and Deeds of Trust has been so beneficial to his family and how they have created wealth.


The first step in helping your family and loved ones is to educate yourself and to put into practice that education that you gain. Vertical Fund Management hosts a podcasts and a private lending training webinar to teach people how to make mitigated risk loans, secured to real estate that generate passive income and will become the bedrock of their families generational wealth for years to come. You can find out more about our podcast by going HERE.


Being able to implement the knowledge you are acquiring is the first step of a thousand. Understanding the mechanics of making a safer loan, knowing who on your team you need to hire and the safety procedures necessary to make these loans is all very important. We encourage investors to make loans, with well qualified borrowers with a lot of protective equity. For some investors building the team, finding the borrowers, vetting the loans, and managing the financials of all of this can be overwhelming. That is why We also provide an investment vehicle, a non-registered securities offering on file with the SEC under Rule 506(c) Reg D. Click HERE to find out more.