Investing into Private Loans



“For the first 6 months was my own capital , I had to come up with… I’ve been investing in my 401K, I was able to roll some of that money into a IRA, there is a self directed IRA… I would recommend that, another thing that I have used is a Home Equity Line Of Credit.” ~ Kevin P. Listen in as Kevin P. discusses with Edwin different ways that he has invested with Edwin and into his own private loans, and where he has sourced the funding to be able to make these loans. They discuss Kevins journey through private lending and what capital sources he has used to be able to make private loans. You have more access to money than you may even realize, and Kevin uses techniques called arbitrage and leverage to significantly grow his families generational wealth while still covering his downside (risks) and build passive income.


Some of these vehicles include but are not limited to, Cash sitting in a saving/ checking/ money market account, Solo 401K’s (QRP’s) SDIRA’s (Self Directed IRA’s), IUL’s/ VUL’s (Indexed Universal Life and Variable Universal Life insurance policies), Leveraged Capital Structures, among others. What are some of the most common funding sources?


Cash whether in a checking account, savings account or money market account is the most liquid requires the least amount of time to access, and can quickly be put to work inside a private loan, that is secured to real estate. What is your checking account paying? 0% if its like most accounts. What is your Savings account paying? Depending on the amount and the account type it may pay as little at .09% up to 2.2%. By investing into a well mitigated and reduced risk, 1st position private loan, secured to real estate you could easily triple that return!


A Self Directed IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a tool many sophisticated investors utilize to take more control over their investing decisions. As the name implies a SDIRA is Self Directed. All this means is the investor who owns the SDIRA account has the ability and the responsibility to decide what investments can be held within their IRA. THere are many companies that provide this type of investment vehicle, and they can provide you training on what type of investments you will be able to hold within your SDIRA. One that I know of personally is of course private loans secured to real estate.

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