"Making Your Success Go Vertical"

~ About Vertical Fund Management ~

The Power of Impact Investing through Vertical Capital



At Vertical Fund Management we are committed to facilitating the transformation of real estate and the communities that real estate impacts, by, with and through our real estate investors and capital investors. We are changing the face of investing by focusing on our four social vertical challenges. By investing into projects that address the following social challenges we hope to impact and effect dramatic change within our veteran community




“Vertical Fund Management has a vision to impact the veteran community. Providing renovation and construction capital to real estate investors, we eliminate veteran unemployment by helping provide jobs in the construction industry. We will eliminate veteran homelessness by funding investment projects geared to providing affordable housing. Finally, we will eradicate veteran suicide by giving a mission, a purpose-driven life back to veterans no longer in the service. We are impacting the veteran community through hard money for good.” ~ Edwin D. Epperson III, President and Fund Manager. We believe the best way to make a social impact on the veteran community is by funding projects addressing what we call Social Vertical Challenges. These vertical challenges, when solved together, make for an improved community for all home owners and the lives of the veterans it impacts.

  • Veteran Challenge - We believe this challenge can be answered by addressing the previous three social challenges. By addressing Sustainability, Conservational, and Technological challenges in the real estate industry we can provide answers and hope for veterans. Our Real Estate Investors are able to employ veterans as well as produce housing beneficial for veterans and their situation. Our Capital Investors have the triple bottom line benefit of knowing they are making a Social Impact, an Environmental Impact as well as a Profitable Impact.

  • Sustainable Challenge - This challenge is before many communities in how to provide housing that is both affordable and good for the local community, and for the environment. Sustainable solutions involve the use of sustainable energy, efficient water consumption, and preservation of land.

  • Conservational Challenge - This challenge is based on sustainable solutions. As the world continues to produce more and more how can we recycle and reuse material? Conservational solutions involve the use of unconventional material and products such as container homes, communities revolving around the sharing economy and many more.

  • Technological Challenge - This challenge affects every facet of our lives now. With technology front and center of the way you live, work, play and communicate, involving technological solutions nested within Sustainable and Conservational Verticals provide a well-balanced environment and allow communities to thrive. Technological solutions look at implementing Smart Home solutions, and upgraded networks within real estate and communities that support and encourage sustainable and conservational verticals.







~ Core Values ~

The Driving Force To Make Us Successful



  • Timely

  • Concise

  • Truthful


Extreme Ownership

  • Commitment

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity



  • Community

  • Partners

  • Team



~ Team ~

Who makes our company the best company to work with

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Edwin D epperson iii | President

Edwin believes and knows he has been entrusted with the management of his  investors capital, to help them build, protect and preserve their families generational wealth. His personal mission statement is “To appropriate the gifts and  talents I have been given and entrusted with, directing all praise, glory and honor to  Jesus Christ”. Starting in 2014, and over the course of the next three years, with the help of family, friends and fellow military members, Edwin successfully originated, held and sold more than 100+ loans, totaling  just over fifteen million dollars. He believes very passionately in Impact Investing,  where investors are not only doing WELL (making above average return on their money) but their investments are doing GOOD (specifically impacting and influencing local communities where they  are investing). He believes in donating to causes and non-profits that benefit and align with the Four Social Vertical Challenges. Edwin was honorably discharged from the US Army Special Forces, Green  Berets in 2015 after 13 ½ years of service. His core principals, Communication, Extreme Ownership, and Gratitude, were battle tested and proven during his servcie.

robert l. barr | Investment Manager

Robert has been Founder and President of Good Steward Capital Management, Inc since January 2012. Prior to founding GSCM he was a financial adviser at H. Beck, Inc (June 2009 – January 2012). Robert joined the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologist in 1988. After being awarded the Navy Achievement Medal in 1991 and serving in several critical positions, Robert left the Navy with a goal of taking his wealth of international experience and objective analytical skills to private sector business and finance. With over 25 years of business and finance experience, Robert has held positions ranging from Owner, CFO, CEO, and Investment Manager. True to his belief in stewardship and particularly financial stewardship, Robert started Good Steward Financial Services Group in 2009 to provide financial consulting to businesses, individuals, and retirement plans.

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mason young | Senior Account Manager

Mason attended the University of Alabama as a history major and has resided in Tampa FL since 2014. He has worked in cuisine industry, financial services industry, and for the past year has been the senior account manager at Vertical Fund Management. He is passionate about helping others his spare time he volunteers at the Tampa Bay Humane Society. He has also spent the last 7 years volunteering with the Special Olympics and is currently part of Hillsborough Counties Games Management. Mason enjoys seeing a project come together, and working with all parties involved to accomplish our mission of impacting local communities.






~ Giving Back ~

How we are impacting our local community of Tampa Bay


MilitARY COMMITTEE | Centre Club

Vertical Fund Management sponsors the military committee, “Colors of Valor” at the Tampa Centre Club, part of the Club Corp network. The Centre Club is situated on the 8th floor of the Westshore Grande, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel. Led by Founding Board of Governors Chairman Lee Bentley, and currently operated by Tom Kaucic, the Centre Club was established in 1984 to set the standard of excellence for Tampa Bay business professionals and community leaders. The Founding Board invited select candidates to form the founding membership – people of distinction who appreciate the special amenities of a place of privilege. These standards are preserved today, by the Members and staff who foster the warm, welcoming atmosphere of a private club. Edwin D. Epperson III, President of Vertical Fund Management, presides as the Chair of the Colors of Valor committee. The committee is focused on helping veterans in the Tampa Bay area, gain valuable entrepreneur skills , networking with business owners and CEO’s in Tampa as well as position veterans to excel in their civilian careers as they did in the military.



North Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Vertical Fund Management sponsors the North Tampa Bay Chamber of commerce or “NTBC”. As an executive sponsor we believe in the mission of the NTBC as it represent businesses and residents of the Pasco County Florida area. VFM support the chamber through its memberships and educational speaking engagements such as the economic development committee, lunch and learns and the monthly breakfast. To find out more how NTBC is impacting and advocating to strengthen the local relationship between resident, business owner and government navigate HERE.